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Your SUCCESS Is Our Business


Our marketing expertise is geared toward making your business a better business. By using our expert advice and diverse knowledge we can get your business the sponsorships and innovative advertising thru professional motorsports that will make your business more lucrative 


The AMG Difference


AMG specializes in a different type of marketing. We know how hard it can be to find  advertising when funding is limited . At AMG we pride ourselves on being able to find sponsorships that best fit your marketing and advertising budget as well as the best suited driver to represent your business  


Wayne Arute

The Advantages of
Motorsports Marketing
  • The NASCAR race season lasts about 9 months where there are 36 races and is watched by about 75 million fans

  • The average number of viewers at a NASCAR race is around 7.8 million

  • 93% of fans think corporate sponsorships are very important to NASCAR’s existence

  • 76% of NASCAR fans are more likely to consider a brand that’s an official NASCAR sponsor, and 75% would recommend a NASCAR-sponsoring brand

  • Experts say NASCAR's fans are the most brand-loyal fans in the entire sports industry

  • Drivers regularly thank their sponsors in interviews

  • Companies spent an estimated 3.5 billion dollars on U.S. based motorsports sponsorships in 2011

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